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15 propositions on “Cohesion in Diversity”

The “Cultural Integration Initiative” (Initiative kulturelle Integration) looks at the contribution that culture can provide to promote integration – the integration of the people who come to Germany as well as those who are already living in Germany. Under the auspices of the „German Cultural Council“ (Deutscher Kulturrat) and in conjunction with 23 large civil society organisations, churches and religious communities, media, social partners, federal states and communal umbrella associations, the five initiators of the “Cultural Integration Initiative” have formulated 15 propositions on cultural integration and cohesion.

With the help of these 15 propositions, the non-partisan initiative wants to demonstrate how a successful society can be both diverse and cohesive at the same time. The purpose of these propositions is to encourage people talk to one another, to create encounters and to reduce prejudice. It is all about social cohesion for all the people living in Germany.

Download the 15 propositions on cultural integration and cohesion

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